Saturday, January 25, 2014

Robin Redbreast................

 photo 045680fc-32ae-4aa7-bc2a-ef9ff8d37e84_zps171c591c.jpg
Robin Redbreast......cheeky chap
Will eat your lunch right from your lap.
Garden friend, on spades he rests
Proudly showing his bright breast.
He waits for a worm or maybe a bug
Examines the ground the gardener just dug.
He fixes him with beady eye
Unafraid he does not fly.
Follows him to each new chore
Always hoping to find more.
He knows the man goes home to rest
and so he flits back to his nest.
Another day comes to its end
A day well spent with his garden friend.
©JKS 2012
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  1. So cute! Cheeky chap, :) Pinning and sharing! Great photo too!

  2. I agree, so cute!! I love this one!!! Love your photos ;o)