Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Light of My Life..........

 photo 17e7d9c6-3be3-40ce-a615-7c131ccb4691_zpsecd0426b.jpg
I really am not into religious art and so it was a job to find some pictures that I wanted to portray this poem. I wrote it a long time ago, but it still expresses how I feel and is how I get through my day. So I found a couple of pictures to share. The first one is what I feel about Jesus existence. I do not really think of Heaven as a place above the clouds but as another spiritual existence that I can not even conceive of. Oh I believe its real alright. If God knew us before the founding of the world as the Bible tells us, then maybe we came from "heaven" and will return once we complete this life. I do not pretend to know. It doesn't matter to me either. I know that its a good place and all sorrows are gone. I believe that my family who accept Christ will be there. I believe those who do not go somewhere else. Maybe they get sent back here, bummer!!! That is not something I dwell on. Jesus said to accept Him as a child trusts their parents, in innocence. I can do that. I know that He works in my life. I see it all the time. I am not a lovey dovey person or one who prays as much as I should. I find myself at a loss for words most of the time. I do know this, He loves me anyway, He knows who I am and what I am. I fully expect to be ashamed when I stand before God, unworthy and yet accepted because of what Jesus did for me. The ruler and maker of all things cares about me. I can not grasp that, or explain it. I can not understand a lot of things, but nothing......nothing will shake that faith. I claim Job as my mentor and inspiration. I look at how he suffered and can not ever understand how strong he was. I pray God never tests me that way. So this first picture for me is Jesus as ruler of the universe..............
 photo c6bc5aa3-83d4-4aa5-a6ff-7fb2f556cae4_zpsbed12ea1.jpg

Jesus is the light in my life
He carries me through my troubles and strife.
I lean on Him in times of stress
He always makes my burdens less.
I gave Him my heart and He saved my soul.
He forgave my sin, and made me whole.
He gives me hope. He makes me strong.
His Spirit dwells in me my whole life long.
My hope for tomorrow and eternity too
He is ever faithful and His love is true.
Without Him I am nothing, my life incomplete
With Him I am strong, even death I defeat.

 photo c6bc5aa3-83d4-4aa5-a6ff-7fb2f556cae4_zpsbed12ea1.jpg
The second picture is how Jesus makes me feel. Safe and loved as no human love could ever compare to. I don't normally like to see pictures of Jesus, it doesn't seem right to me somehow. Just a personal thing for me........but I love the feeling shown in this picture.  photo ff147f7c-cc70-4e5d-91d5-0a500fe03f47_zpsaf9739da.jpg

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lady Spider....................

Lady spider traps her prey
By spinning webs in a magical way
Unseen beauty snares secure
Those who fly by that beautiful lure
Hidden in the leaves she'll wait
Until her prey secures its fate
In an instant she will strike
Killing with one deadly bite
Wrapped in silken shroud they lay
waiting for her next meal day.
©Janice Schaub
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Inner Beauty............

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Man may judge by the outer shell
Beauty, strength and intelligence......well!
God will judge by what's inside
He sees the heart and discounts pride.
The spirit has no face you see
Our looks will change, and we soon will be.....
Old, infirm forgetful too
but the soul will be forever true
to itself and what it holds dear.
It shines like a beacon honest and clear.
One can not mask a sinful heart
by pretty faces that in time depart.
Beauty like a candle dims
God just sees the light within. 
©Janice Schaub 2013

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

March Winds...................

 photo 4a4913e9-f37b-49ed-8996-87e44b5f0d5c_zpsda06e253.jpg

Blustery days of March begins
Clearing out the old dead things.
Old broken branches crash to the ground,
making such a terrible sound.
Gusts blast through to clean the land
Swept by God's almighty hand. 
The hedgerows need a clean out too
To make a way for all things new.
Soon the birds will start to nest,
They will need a place to rest.
Fields shall get a windy blast,
So that Spring can come at last.

March winds bring the cleaning showers
To make way for the pretty flowers
God will send each thing we need
Winds and rain will quicken seed
The trees will soon begin to bloom
Once the winds have made them room.
Howling winds and storm filled ways 
Give way soon to sun filled days.

©Janice Kay Schaub 2012


 photo ea2ad989-6073-4d13-a65e-258c579b62c9_zps4ccdbd16.jpg
I am so tired I could just drop.
So I climb in bed and my eyes just pop.
The Sandman came but did not stay
I just lay to await the day.
The hours they drag and the minutes creep
How I wish that I could sleep.
Now at last when sleep has come
It's just in time to greet the sun.
Feb 2012 ©Janice Kay Schaub

A Quiet Walk..........

I am still working on this poem. I started it a long time ago and have not quite worked it out. Writing it down like this helps me to see what it looks like.
 photo cc9a3cf2-551e-44a4-9375-05a764b94d78_zps068f8b6f.jpg

A quiet walk on a well worn path
Through  woodlands lush and green.
Creatures bustle with their daily tasks
The only life to be seen.

My footsteps fall on velvet moss
bringing the scent of long dead trees
Filling my lungs with the smell of decay
as a falling leaf drifts on the breeze.

Life in the forest is renewed again
With each new seed that falls
Sustaining life of all who dwell
and every beast that crawls.

A cycle of life as old as time
I notice where ever I walk
I love the silence of ancient woodlands
with only the birds sweet talk.

A longing for silence is deep inside
I relish this time of peace
Beautiful air fragrant and rich
It's my favourite way of release. 
©Janice Schaub 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walter Pigeon................

Many years ago now we had a pigeon, we named him Walter. Yes, Walter Pigeon. 
One day coming home from work I saw this poor thing flapping across the road in front of me. Obviously hit by a car, he had a broken wing. I went home and got laura and went back to where I saw him last. Found him in the car park and chased him down. We caught him and took him home. I took him to the vet to try to get his wing fixed. He tried but his wing never did heal. I tried the wildlife rescue place, they would not take him. They said he was not considered wild, so all they would do was put him down. Well...........I could not do that. SO we took him home and set up a nice little place for him. At that time we had an entrance on the back of the house, like a closed in porch. We made a cage for him, it was all chicken wire and had a removable lid. Eventually we just left the lid off. On the back of the house was an enclosed deck. We would put him out there in the summer. He had a pan and a hose so he could bath, we tried letting him out in the garden so he could see other birds but it was a job to get him back inside. One day a hawk was sitting out there so Walter was not keen on that any more. As he got older he liked to stay in the house. Over the years we rescued a couple of rabbits who were his room mates for a time. They would all be on the deck together. Well Walter lived with us for 15 years. Can you believe that. I never knew they lived so long. SO when he died, we took him to the vet to have him put to sleep. He had an obstruction in his crop. We were sad when he died he had been a part of our life so long. He would sit on the stairs and look out the window sometimes. He didn't make a mess in the house although there is a heck of a lot of dander that comes from birds. Even my husband wiped a tear as he buried him where our rabbit was buried. 
I wrote this poem for Walter. 

 photo 36296c23-bac8-430f-9f57-383e171d13ba_zps4dc042e4.jpg
Walter Pigeon
Walter Pigeon died today 
Shed a tear with me.
He lived with us for 15 years
Now he's flying free
No bars confine his spirit now
No more broken wing.
His body's healed, his spirit too.
He's where the angels sing.
Goodbye old friend
My sometime love
Goodbye old pigeon
My little grey dove. 
October 2nd 2000  ©JKS

A new day...............

 photo fcbb2e03-40cd-4a4b-a04e-1f336fabb327_zpsce8ac104.jpg

A watery sun in a sullen sky
grey mists swirl and drift on by.
Small birds huddle against the cold
As old man Winter increases his hold.
Soon Jack Frost will paint window panes
Hoare frost glitters on trees in the lanes.
Long Winter evenings so frosty and bright
With stars that glisten in the still of the night.
Clear crystal skies and crisp cold air
Where trees sit like skeletons all sad and bare.
Sleep now till the sun regains his powers
Sleep on till Spring brings us back the flowers.
Church bells peel out to bring in the dawn,
Brilliant sunrise heralds the morn.
Sure as the day is followed by night
All will awaken all fresh and bright.
A new year begins as the old fades away
Springtime will come in like a brilliant new day.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


 photo 07bc3da7-a40a-4d23-82ad-47fdc69458da_zpsd05cfba3.jpg

Snow, pure white.....magical, transforming the earth.
As yet unblemished by our touch.
Like angels wings...... it tries to do its part to make the ground more hallowed and renew it.
Each year it tries again to cleanse us and to remake this place we have sullied.
Each year it is defeated .......but every year it tries once more to cover us with it's pureness.
It lets us see what pure can be.
Crisp and beautiful.......... a magical place twinkling with  crystal beauty.
Changing shape and contours, covering death and decay, making all things new. 
©Janice Kay Schaub........2011

Winter Sky.............

 photo cd82d50c-a2f3-460a-9b5a-6ba31358afd1_zpsfb8eebd4.jpg

Winter sky so blue today
A few crisp leaves in treetops play
Left over from the days of Fall.
Should not have lingered there at all.
No normal winter this time around
barely enough to cover the ground.
The north wind came and brought more snow
covering bulbs that sought to grow.
The sky turned grey and the winds they blow
Covering up the ground with snow.
Winters back with an icy blast
I just can't wait till Winters past. 
©Janice Schaub 2012

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Old Blue.......

This is an old poem I wrote for a friend. They had two German Shepherd dogs, Beau and Blue. Beautiful dogs.  I wrote this after Blue had died, the second of the two.
 photo 3377c41a-55a6-45ce-a517-e7bbdf9c2e8f_zpsbd39595b.jpg

He heard old Beau a calling him
On summer breezes strong.
Come home my good old brother
come home and don't be long.

I miss you Blue, I need you here
to play with me and run,
In all these great new places
your time down there is done.

I want to Beau, I surely do
but they need me here right now.
Two young pups to train and guide
and time just won't allow.

His brothers voice came yet again
on Spring time breezes pure.
He saw his face in blue blue skies
and now he was more sure.

But what if they are all too sad
when I give up my post?.
How can I leave them in such pain
when they need me now the most?.

The heart will heal dear brother Blue,
New friends will come their way.
There are other dogs who need their love
and they deserve their day.

Ok Old Beau I will follow you
In heavenly fields we'll roam.
We'll frolic and play in our special way
at last in our heavenly home.

Don't be sad that I am gone, I am with my brother true.
we are young and strong and full of fun
doing things we love to do. We run and play
and chase all day, in meadows full of sun.

When time has past and so at last, you also come on home.
We'll be right there a waiting you, just like we always do.
with waggin tails and sloppy smiles.......
Old Beau and brother Blue.
©Janice Schaub 2008 (approx) Linking up and sharing with Cottage Style Party

Little Boys...............

 photo c3e9df9b-6f18-4faa-a592-d0b2bc622fac_zps745c0176.jpg

Little boys in puddles jumping
Through the fields and woods go thumping.
Noise and chaos follow them,
Kicking up stones and chasing the hen.
Through the yard and to the hay
climb the stack and jump and play.
Little boys so wild and tough
we find their play is sometimes rough.
They soon grow up with bigger toys
Even then they still make noise.
Trade toy cars for motor bike
Not for them a quiet hike.
Small boy, big boy much the same 
Not sure if they are ever tame.
©Janice Schaub 2011

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Boys and Girls..............

 photo 65d6cf

Boys and girls go out to play
What a way to spend their day.
Fresh air and sunshine does one good,
They spend their days as little kids should.
Playing on swings and round-a-bout, 
hear them holler and hear them shout.
Roller blades and riding bikes
Play in fields and go on hikes.
Anything in the great outdoors
Where healthy bodies and mind  explores.
Woods and fields and even the park
Will keep them busy from morning till dark. 
Mother calls them back inside.
When at first they try to hide.
But go in they must and go they do
Till tomorrow and start anew.
©Janice Kay Schaub 2011

Monday, February 3, 2014


 photo 81ccf9ab-ca1a-4adb-a945-6b20f5192d35_zps66284323.jpg

©Janice Kay Schaub 2011

Fairy Rings...............

 photo ded2edd0-8c6f-4ce2-8bd3-8ff7cec2bfe7_zps8878176c.jpg
Gossamer wings in Fairy rings
Listen, as the pixie sings.
Voice that rings through woods and fells
Enchanted dreams of magic dells.
Where fairies gather at dusk to play.
At least that's what the old ones say.
Seldom seen by mortal eye
Hidden by the twilight sky.
They seek out the firefly at night
You can see them by their light.
When the morning mists depart
You may find they left their mark.
Fairy rings in fairy bowers
You will find in the early hours.

©jks 2012
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