Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bird Table........................

I was watching the birds today and I get so much joy seeing them enjoy a good meal. This year has been really rough for them. The temperatures way below zero. Their poor little feet freeze to the branches. I have grapevines they enjoy sheltering in. This Nuthatch is enjoying some peanut butter. His gob is full and he kept coming back for more. I must put more peanut butter out. This little poem I wrote today and it sort of needs work but for now, its written down.
 photo d05b1106-8a0f-4133-922a-3a978ea1caa8_zps03dbac4b.jpg
I love to see them fill up their craw
Soon coming back and wanting more.
Day by day I fill their table
With as much as I am able.
All my birds need lots to eat,
If this Winter they can defeat.
It's so much colder by far this year
Many won't make it so I fear.
Fat and bread and nuts and seed
The Squirrels come to fill their need.
Birds to me have the greater need
And those are who I try to feed
The others are welcome to their share
I always make sure there is plenty to spare.
©Janice Kay Jan  2013


  1. Janice, you made me smile big time!! I love the picture and I love the poem ;o) I never thought of giving them peanut butter? Good idea ;o)

  2. Bless your soul for giving them something to eat in the cold of winter Janice! My bird tables are also a haven for the bird during hard times and it gives me great joy to watch them. Lovely poem, really enjoyed it!