Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Golden Fish.............

 photo e162c797-7ba1-44e4-b4b0-1dd76548bff1_zps2b68541a.jpg
Golden Fish in garden pond
hides beneath the lily frond.
Flash of yellow,amber and gold
jumps the surface feeling bold.
Makes a splash but quickly hides
To the bottom gracefully glides
Plays among the water flowers,
plays hide and seek for many hours.
Ever watchful, shy and sleek
carefully avoids the Herons beak.
Coon and Fox and many more,
Seek him out with deadly claw.
Still he swims with spirit and ease
Lives his life just as he please.
Has no fear of what life brings
Just for today his heart sings.
For golden fish life is fun
Morning up to setting sun
©Feb 2012 JKS

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