Monday, January 20, 2014

December Dawn.....................

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December dawn through mists arise
A new day faces frosty skies.
Meadows silent under snows,
Tree tops ring with the sound of Crows.
Barron landscape crisply blue,
Shadows tint the snow that hue.
Icy tufts of long dead grass
Protrude above the fields so vast.
Turn to woodlands where Mistletoe 
and bright red berries of Holly grow.
Winters grasp will last awhile
Before the Spring begins to smile.
The Ivy shelters small cold things
Against her breast they fold their wings.
Snuggle up against the wall
Away from winds and snow that falls,
They'll venture out when the sun shines through
To do the things they need to do.
Meadow Lark hovers in the skies
While Heron from the mist arise,
To greet another winters day,
With cheerful song that is their way.
No winter chills the songbirds breast.
Sing he will till evening rest.
©JKS 2012
Many of my poems are along the same lines. I suppose certain things move me to write my thoughts. Usually it is a way for me to grieve a loss of a pet or maybe a person. The weather changes and the beauty of things around me. I have no skill but enjoy simple verse. I have learned a few things along the way. I had another blogger tell me a bit about poems that I did not know. Hmmmm must not have listened that day in school. That is unless like many things they are modern inventions. I did not for example know Haiku, did not do that in school. I am not surprised because I don't get it. She told me about Cinquain poems, chained rhyme, Haiga and other things I didn't know. Naturally I have learned epic poems and like those as they tell a story and if well written can be easy to follow. Ballads are a way of telling a story and we all know what those are. A sonnet is another one most of us have at least heard of even though I did not realize there was a formula. So as I go on this journey I will try to figure out and try some of the different types of poem. Well maybe NOT the epics or Ballads or anything like that. I just want to learn. All for now.

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  1. You have no skill? You write from your heart! That is skill! I love the way you put images in my mind! Another beautiful poem ;o)