Monday, April 14, 2014


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The wind blows the snow like cobwebs from my mind.
I reach for a coat and go out to see what I can find.
It's so good to be outside and feel the wind upon my skin.
After oh so many months of being trapped here within.
Some brave shoots are poking through looking for the sun.
Snowdrops, pretty snowdrops a sure sign that Spring has finally begun. 
©Janice Schaub April 2014.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Is it April?........

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Is it April?
The sky is grey
A Winters day?
No.......It's really April.

The sky is blue,
It's snowing too.
Yes it's April.

The sun comes out
But don't cast a clout
It really is only April.

©Janice Schaub

April Dream.........

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April moves in like a dream
So long we have waited it would seem.
April brings a gentle breeze
Helps the earth to unfreeze.
Gentle rains wash away the snow
So Spring flowers can start to grow.
Flowers bud and blossoms burst
April showers quench their thirst.
Rainy days of April so they say
Give way to abundant flowers in May.
Gentle buds of fruit trees bloom
Bursting forth from Winters gloom.
Winds of March have briskly scoured 
Made all things fresh for Springtime flowers.

 ©Janice Schaub 2014