Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Evil winds.................

 photo ba341e54-34fd-4d59-acf0-56d49dfd0ceb_zps18d84c69.jpg
Evil winds blow cross the moor
Boats get scuttled upon the shore.
Such pounding of great hideous waves
Echoing through subterranean caves
Lightening cracks and thunder rolls
deep underground like awakening trolls
Mists and rain roll in banks like fog
Imagination sees the red eyed dog
Devils hounds glide and bay
For unwary travelers who carelessly stray
Out on those moors all wild and cold
Pay heed to those stories by firesides told
Light windows with candles to guide folks back home
The moors on such days are no place to roam.,
©JKS 2011

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  1. Very cool!! Love the words you used in this poem ;o)