Monday, December 8, 2014

By His Hand.......................

 photo 2e7c7cf9-15d1-4e80-8580-3de4e87bb784_zpsbae6d4b0.jpg
Lord I see your glory, it's shining all around,
In every flake of snow that falls down upon the ground.
Every one is different, no two are the same.
All of Heaven and Nature will Praise His Holy name.
With every flake of pure white snow
and ice crystals like diamonds glow.
Dew drops glistening after rain
Running down the window pane
In new born lambs in fields in Spring
and song birds that make the tree tops ring.
In sunshine glowing on the flowers
His love we see as we pass the hours
I see that every grain of sand
Is shaped by His almighty hand
By His Word this all came to be
On the land and in the sea
How can people fail to see
what is so obvious to me. 
©Janice Schaub Dec 2014
I am sharing this with roses of Inspiration party