Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Autumn Days..........

 photo 8aaace7e-7c23-44b4-8f07-c1fa8801e161_zps050bf47c.jpg
Autumn days russet and gold, 
Winters breath blowing cold.
 Puffy clouds float in blue sky
 Leaves all colours, pile up high.
 Sunny days so crisp and cool
 Replace the heat beside the pool.
Walks in woodlands now become
 A pleasure for almost everyone.
 Birds and beast do all prepare
 For what comes so soon to their
 woodland homes and place of rest.
The birds prepare a winters nest.
 The bears secure their winter homes 
To sleep till Springtime once more comes
 back again and life renews,
 and woodlands wear much different hues.
 Life again is fresh and young
 Springtime comes for everyone.
©JKS 2011

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