Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sick of bleedin snow........

 photo 5c2a9145-4ceb-473c-b637-ba79428f39a8_zpsf34ee6bc.jpg

It's hard to think of Spring, when we are waist deep in snow.
When in blue blazes is this stuff going to go.?
The Robins have come home, and wonder why they did.
Everything they like to eat is buried and is hid.
The bulbs are straining at the earth and can not make it shift.
That's because it's buried underneath a bloody six foot drift.
They say that it is Springtime according to the date.
But I am here to tell you that Spring is bloody late.
I am sick of dirty piles, of often soggy snow.
It's piled so high that it has nowhere else to go.
Oh to see a blade of lovely green grass,
I am sick to death of white and of slipping on my arse.
Excuse my poem for being rude it's due to cabin fever.
Old man Winter this year has been quite the dang deceiver.
The sun comes out and begins the melt
A promice of Spring that seems heartfelt.
Next time I look it's snowing and after that it's rain.
So next it's ice and freezing wind that freezes up the drain.
The roads are all flooded next time we get a thaw,
The snow comes back and settles half way up my door.
Will it end soon, I really do not know
but I am here to tell you I am sick of bleedin snow.
©Janice Schaub March 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Bells........

 photo 202ce7b8-c4f6-4a3d-96f9-818fb5829f58_zps308f3c3f.jpg
The first brave buds slip through the snow
little white flowers the first to grow.
Small they are but sturdy stocks,
little bells like fairy frocks.
Cold and brisk, but sunny day.
Birds in branches noisily play.
Snow is melting, time for Spring.
A sight to make the birds all sing.
Crocus show their pretty heads,
Pushing up in garden beds.
Soon the blossoms will appear,
Then its Springtime that is clear.
Birds are nesting, raising young.
Yes for sure the Spring is sprung.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Is it Spring yet?............

 photo d37f5c35-5f98-426f-89aa-dc8c32038043_zpsb7fd0049.jpg

The end of March will soon be gone
and April enters with bird song.
First day of Spring, in the grip of Winter still
I'm looking out the window, the birds still feel the chill.
Huddled by the feeders, their feathers all are fluffed.
They stay in my grapevines until they are all stuffed.
It's time to build their nests, time to raise some young.
But they really can not do that until the Spring has come.
Come on old man Winter its time for you to go.
Wev'e had enough of Winter and sick to death of snow.
©Janice Schaub 2013

Frieda's Cat.............

 photo 56dc026b-9a6f-46e6-963b-2454b1d2c2fd_zps93e3bf24.jpg
Frieda's cat lays by the door
Slitted eye and folded paw.
Content in sunbeam.......the world goes by
Not really sleeping she is ever so sly.
Birds and squirrels go on their way
Beware other cats in her territory stray.
Squirrels gather nuts in May
They visit my feeders every day.
Agile climbers, acrobat
Runs up the tree to watch the cat.
Cat stretches out her deadly paw
and yawns real wide then sharpens claw.
She limbers up but lays back down,
turns her back and casts a frown.
Squirrel thinks he's safe for now
so goes back up to get more chow.
Cat can get her food at home
so the squirrels and birds are safe to roam.
At least today old cat don't care
so make the most, this time is rare.
Sleeping in sunbeams ........dozing in the sun
She can't be bothered to get up and run.
The birds are happy for this reprieve
The squirrel sighs and is much relieved.
Everyone can sigh a sigh of relief
Even if its ever so brief.
While Frieda's cat lays by the door
With slitted eye and folded paw.

©Janice Kay Schaub 2011

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A million diamonds...............

 photo 02488065-a43b-4d07-ab84-52748e1b73d7_zps0c01aff7.jpg
The trees are hung with crystal
The spiders web is frozen in a moment of time
all so magical and mystical.
A million diamonds sparkle under my feet.
Some days start like dreams.
The mists will swirl and fade
Ever moving and eery it seems.
Other worldly and fey.
Crisp footsteps on icy blades
leaving ghostly footprints on grass.
Sun comes up and the mist fades
Another day begun.
©Janice Kay Schaub March 2014

He Saved Me............

 photo 011ef540-2b86-4b73-a8fb-a316dea07932_zpscd986ba5.jpg
Have you ever been saved by His preciouse blood
Have you ever been washed pure by the Lord?
Accept Him, Receive Him, believe on His name,
Then your salvations assured.
I trust in the Lord to take care of me
He can see things that I can not see.
He loves me as no one in this world ever will.
His angels guard and watch over me still.
Their great wings cover every step that I take
They'll never leave or forsake me for His names sake.
Till the day comes that I must leave here
I live my life free of all fear.
This world is only a place I must be
For a very short time, life is temporary.
Our home is in heaven where ever that be,
Our futures with God and it always will be.
©Janice K Schaub 2011

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No! Not here.........

 photo 48784ca3-4e35-412f-8c67-5e2fded671b4_zps60b1311b.jpg
He was a personable man in middle years
whose death brought many of us to tears.
We may not have known him in a personal way,
Yet often we would see him from day to day.
Just doing his job, his duty so clear,
Giving us safety and nothing to fear.
We take so much for granted as we each live out our life,
That other brave men will deal with the strife.
It should never have happened, certainly not here.
Not here in THIS town that we all hold so dear.
We need to wake up and heed this clear call,
Before it's too late and another should fall.
Keep out all those people who peddle in hate
Tell them  to leave before its too late.
Help those who need more love and more care
Don't turn your back, you know they are there.
Let us remember our fallen friend
and try to be careful of the message we send.
Thank and respect the men of the law.
Pray for them now like never before.
Maybe then with God's guiding grace,
We can keep our town a wonderful place.
©Janice Schaub 

Sunday, March 2, 2014


 photo 9663f077-f2d4-4890-a56b-5db72998c4a2_zpsfb73fb5e.jpg
If we were all of one race
One colour and one creed
This world will be a boring place,
Boring, yes indeed.

Diversity can be a blessing
If we keep an open mind
We need it........and I am guessing
It would work if we were kind.

Imagine if you would......a world that's free of hate
People of all colours live with harmony and grace,
We have to love each other before it gets too late.
We need to be as one, within the human race.

All of us should all do our part......to stop the hate and strife
And make the world around us just  a little less unkind
Put aside our prejudice, and respect each human life.
Maybe then we can help........change another person's mind.

If we show compassion and give aid to those in need
No matter what their religion or the shade of their skin
Put aside our own hard feelings, then I can only plead
That we give love a chance and maybe we can win. 

Its not so hard to do if you think beyond your self
everyone is the same beneath the outer skin
They love and work and dream just like your own good self
we need to win the heart, of that person who's within
©Janice Schaub

I am not happy with this one yet. I will be revising it as time goes on. I am putting it down for now and will work on it. I want to keep the idea but I don't like the way it rhymes it does not flow well. I need some better words.

Simple Things..........

 photo 5a9ef86b0702431780cd2650a1c45bd3_zpsdbf5c68b.jpg
Find the Joy in simple things
A lovely flower or a bird that sings.
A sunny day or Winters breeze,
A wind that howls among the trees.
Moonbeams dance on the forest floor,
Coyotes howl and Eagles soar.
Simple things that mean so much
A new babies breath or lovers touch.
Things that make our life worthwhile,
The funny things that make us smile. 
These are the things that make life sweet
These are the things that make life complete.
©Janice Schaub 2014