Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Red Eyed Dog......

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Misty mornings, foggy days
Walking in the shadowed haze
All is quiet, eerie, strange.
Fleeting shadows out of range.
What things linger in the fog?
Do I see the red eyed dog?
Panic slithers up my spine.
I inhale the musty scent of pine.
Silence breaks, a lone crow call
to his murder come one come all.
He shrieks a warning dangers near
His sudden flight brings back my fear.
That primevil dread that we all face
when we,re in a creepy place
I hurry now to clear the trees,
A shadow moves and then I freeze
What was the shade that I just saw
lingering on the misty moor?
Scent of heather stings my nose
misty damp clings to my clothes.
I see those eyes glow in the fog
Rising from the dreaded bog,
I don't know what lingers there
what spirit ruffles through my hair.
but now I see some light ahead
It shimmers brave and lifts my dread
I force my feet towards the light
The mist is bad but I dread the night.
Onwards now, I stumble ahead
trying to outrun this fearful dread
Faster, faster almost there
I reach my gate and stop and stare
Into the swirling clinging fog
Was there really a red eyed dog?
Somewhere out there waiting to bound
out from hell like the Baskerville hound. 
JKS October 2015

I am sharing this poem on Inspire Me Monday

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Souls Release.............

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Think of me when the wind blows strong
I will be in the birds sweet song.
Think of me on a summer day
Even though I be far away.
The things I love will bring me back
to meadows green and woodland track.
The pebble beaches call to me
the sound of waves is heavenly.
I thrill to see the pretty deer
with eyes so innocent and clear
The scurry of a naughty fox
the rabbit hiding in the rocks
All of nature calls to me
As close to God as I can be.
while living in this earthly place
So far away from God's sweet grace.
For  there I find my joy. my peace
My strength, my hope, my souls release. 
JKS October 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Another try at Haiku.....

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Webs that spiders made
Glisten in a sunny glade
Diamonds strung on silk
JKS 2015

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Golden Autumn tones
Reflect a watery sun
In a blue blue sky
JKS 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Robin Redbreast Haiku......

  1.  photo 4b8c2fe5-76e3-453a-96e2-3e06442fed9c_zps6irukqxu.jpg
Robin Redbreast sings her song
Tummy full of eggs
Looking for a place to nest.

I dont pretend to even start to  understand Haiku.
I have read and read and still dont get it.
I also apparently got the format wrong.
I believe it's supposed to be 5 syllables then 7 then 5. 
This is the other way around, 7/5/7

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Lost King.....................

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Into the darkness  once more he descends
With honour this time, we make amends.
On Bosworth field, where he was slain.
In a forgotten grave he was lain.
Sun in Spendour rose once more.
White rose and his white boar
symbols of a time long gone.
Remember England's long lost son.
Now with pageant he is laid to sleep.
In peace this time, people weep.
Six hundred years and more have passed
Since as a villain you were cast.
The Tudor won the field that day.
He took the crown from where you lay.
White Surrey fell, and you were slain
Treason ended your short reign.
Now we seek with kinder eyes
what was truth and what was lies
Many hope to clear your name
Many think you were not to blame,
For the crimes laid at your feet.
Innocent blood that made men weep.
Now along the crowded street
People line once more to greet
This our last Plantagenet King
Son of York the people sing.
Rest now Richard for ever more.
In that ancient Cathedral floor.
©Janice Kay Schaub....Mar 26 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Storm.................

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The North wind is blowing wild 
shrieking like a wayward child.
 Branches fall and scatter snow. 
winds a tossing me where' er I go.
Banshees scream in the tree tops
primal fear down my spine hops.
Thunder cracks the worlds alight
Unnatural this, I flee in fright.
Buffeted battered by this storm
I pray to reach somewhere warm.
Snow whirls up into the air
Stings my cheeks without a care.
I pull my coat up around my face
Head down into the storm I race. 
Snow drives up and drags me back 
So thick now I barely leave a track.
Through the pounding snow I see
The glimmer of light shining for me
I push against the wind once more
Reaching out to grab the door
Inside now I warm my face
Glad to be in a safer place'
Outside the storm batters on
But I am safe now till its gone.