Friday, March 27, 2015

The Lost King.....................

 photo 7cea691e-0691-41d8-9744-62dd633cbec6_zpsdatxa1ze.jpg
Into the darkness  once more he descends
With honour this time, we make amends.
On Bosworth field, where he was slain.
In a forgotten grave he was lain.
Sun in Spendour rose once more.
White rose and his white boar
symbols of a time long gone.
Remember England's long lost son.
Now with pageant he is laid to sleep.
In peace this time, people weep.
Six hundred years and more have passed
Since as a villain you were cast.
The Tudor won the field that day.
He took the crown from where you lay.
White Surrey fell, and you were slain
Treason ended your short reign.
Now we seek with kinder eyes
what was truth and what was lies
Many hope to clear your name
Many think you were not to blame,
For the crimes laid at your feet.
Innocent blood that made men weep.
Now along the crowded street
People line once more to greet
This our last Plantagenet King
Son of York the people sing.
Rest now Richard for ever more.
In that ancient Cathedral floor.
©Janice Kay Schaub....Mar 26 2015