Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Poetry and Poets......

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I would never have said that I love poetry. I don't. So why my attempts to write it? I can't answer that. Sometimes it just happens, words come together and I write them down. It's usually at a time that I have had a personal loss. So do I have to be sad to write a poem? No. Sometimes, something like a walk in the woods, and exhilarating day or something else just makes me want to write it down and the words just come. SO I suppose for me its an emotional thing. When I was a child, or at least still in school, we learned poetry. I think to help us memorize things. Well some poems just went right over my head, the high falluting kind that I would get lost just trying to read. Or by reading I could not comprehend. Then again there are poems I have never forgot because the words for me were magic. " When the stars threw down their spears and watered heaven with their tears" those words just grab my imagination and my heart for some reason. The whole poem by Walter Blake "The Tiger" I have never forgotten it. Maybe its the popular poets who wrote in drug induced hazes that I don't get but yet on a good day could create such beauty with words. Then my favourite as a child was "The Song of Hiawatha" it gave me a great love and interest in Native Americans that never left me. Ironic too that I end up in Hiawatha country. I remember getting an A on that one in school because I wrote an essay on it. I am not sure where I am going yet with this blog.....I began with the idea of recording my own poems just so I could get them all together and printed out eventually. That will take some time. I like to illustrate them with a picture I found or something I did myself. So putting it together will also take time. I have learned from other bloggers who write that there are many many forms of poetry and now I know I will explore them all. Continued education in a way..........now if I could only spell.

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