Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lady, retired.......

 photo 30f44639-dadd-48ca-8a5e-66c1e2764f06_zpse646fc05.jpg
No more trail rides for me
My time now is gonna be free.
Free to live my life for pleasure
I will be a Lady of leisure.
Now I can be a lazy bum
I thought this day would never come
No more bit and no more bridle
All my days are gonna be idle
Mowing grass and eatin hay
Thats how I will spend my day.
Till that special hour should come
and my grazin days are done.
I'll enjoy my life I'll roll and play
Enjoying each and every day.
I'm here for treats and lovin and pettin
I'm not dead yet so don't be forgettin.
©JKS 2000
Lady's motto: A carrot a day keeps the vet at bay.
 photo myLady.jpg

I wrote that poem one day when I went out to where Lady was being boarded. She was laying in her stall with saddle and bridle on. I asked why and I guess she had been used on a trail ride and they were thinking of taking her out again. Now, the barn had always "used" our horses for trail rides and that was fine because they needed the exercise, but.........Lady was old then. Probably around 30 years old. I said enough.........you cant just keep taking her out and especially leaving her in the stall like that. Besides, they knew we went out there on that night and I would not ride her again if she had been out on the trails. So I wrote the poem. They were not happy.........eventually I moved her to a place that my friend was boarding her horse. It was just the two of us making 3 horses. Lady had lots of room to roam and had a great rest. Later we moved again to a friends house and by then I had retired and I saw her every day. She lived to be 41 years old and I am convinced had she remained at the original barn she would not have. We had a terrific relationship and I loved her very much. This picture looks so much like her and I am sure that she is in a happy place now.

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