Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful Bunny............

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Beautiful Bunny
My beautiful bunny with brown velvet eyes,
Now lays in my garden under Autumn skys.
Such a wonderful life, so full and so fun,
Now rests forever, her time here is done.
The pleasure she gave us in her short life time
Was unselfish and pure and enriching to mine.
I am glad that I knew her and her sister too
Baby and BoBo I loved both of you.
 ©janice schaub

I thought I heard my BoBo tonight
I heard a soft thump upon the floor
I thought I would go and see her looking up at me
But she was not there for me to see.
She is gone her soul took flight
To scamper across heavenly fields and moor.
No longer a pet of mine you see
She is free as she was meant to be.
©Janice Schaub

When I had my horse Lady out at Golden Valley, Bill decided to get a couple of rabbits to breed. He thought he would raise them for meat. Well when the babies came my friend Mary and I took two each. Mine named Baby and Bobo. He never did raise rabbits for food. We litter trained them and they lived in the house the first year. That is until they started chewing wires. At that time we had an entrance off the deck. We also had Walter Pigeon. The rabbits lived in the porch and had access to the deck. They have a great life. Maybe some day I will get rabbits again, for Tristen.

Buttons, One month later...................

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Buttons, one month later.............

It has been a whole month today
Since my friend went away.
Twenty Eight days have come and gone
Some days I thought I could not go on.
Twenty eight days.....oh so empty days.
I miss you in so many ways
Every moment of every day.
You were there in your special way:
Mornings, noon  and every night
Betwix between  I was in your sight.
In the gardens among my flowers
helping me throughout the hours.
I miss you most when I am cooking
You always sat there patiently looking.
For a handout or a spill
I wish that you were watching still.
You loved your food up to the end
and I loved to indulge my very best friend.
I loved you snuggled up with me
If only when we watched TV.
Then at night when we went to bed
Always there beside my head.
Middle of night you'd want a drink.
I'll take ice with that I think.
Spoilt rotten I do know that.
I didn't care if you were a brat.
You'd love to go out for a ride
Window seat on either side.
Nodding off upon my arm
As we went early to the barn.
Loved to frolic in the hay
What a way to begin the day.
Then home to nap for most of the day
Always beside me in your special way.
How can I not miss you so my little poo?
You were a part of all I do.
Bright button eyes and button nose.
Living up to your name Heaven knows.
You drank your water from a glass, no bowl.
You were the princess playing the role.
So many ills for so tender a pup
Happy and cute your never gave up.
Bore it all with love and grace
How can I not miss your  face.
That grubby smile and doggy kiss
I miss nothing quite as much as this.
Warm pink tummy when you would wake
and morning breath that could make
our eyes water.....yet I would not trade
it at all if that smell would never fade
How can I go on my lovely one
without you beside me when the day is done.
A whole month now has gone.....and next a year
Time will pass and you not so clear.
Your memory will fade until such day
as you become as others I loved the same way.
Life and death neither are fair.
But still I was ever so glad to share
Those special times that we once had
Its just that I can not be anything but sad.
Now that you are gone and I am here
Without you beside me always near
Gone......but always in my heart
until the day that I depart
Then you  had better be
waiting there to welcome me.

March 1 2005
©Janice Schaub

When Buttons died, it was the hardest thing I had ever encountered to that point. I went into a depression and could not pull out of it. I have never cried like I did for her. She was so special. Maybe because from the very start she had ailments that needed my attention. It brought us close. I never want to experience that grief again. Dr Burke came to the house the day you had to go. I am not sure it was easier for you, but at least you didn't have to go to the office. Your were here in my arms and in your own home. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


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I just heard Bonnie calling you
Calling you on home.
But I don't want to let you go
to leave me all alone.
I know your life with me is done,
too soon your time to go.
Years are always way to short
and I can't let you go.
You are my special preciouse one
So full of joy and love.
I need for you to stay here more
Before you go "above".
The years all pass so quickly now
Where is that frisky pup?.
So old, infirm and full of pain
But yet you don't give up.
There's still a shadow left inside
of that loving giving friend.
That I just can not let you go
It can not be the end.
Please stay with me a few more years
A few more months or days.
I just can't bear to see you go
I will miss your loving ways.
I know I'm being selfish now
So hard to let you go.
I don't want you to be in pain
Because I love you so.
I know the Lord has a special place
For little dogs like you.
I will miss your funny face
My lovely gentle poo.
Maybe another pup will come
Someone to fill the space,
Beside me to love me as you have done
But I will always see your face.
Behind her frisky puppy play
your memory will hold true.
Along with those who went before
But.....never one like you.
January 2005 ©Janice Schaub
Goodbye Buttons
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So Gentle soul ....too soon depart.
I miss you so broke my heart.
Sweet sweet kisses rein down on me
We said goodbye and I set you free.
Free from pain and earthy woe,
But how I suffer to see you go.
My tears now fall where you once lay,
I know I miss you more each day.
Where are you now my precious one?
Somewhere nice?......In meadows run?
Somewhere waiting just for me.
Somewhere now forever free.
All made over whole and new
With Bonnie, Charlie and Poppett too.
Thank you Buttons for 14years of unconditional love.
February 1st 2005
©Janice Schaub


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There's an empty space right there....
Right there where you should be.
Yes...that spot there right beside my knee.
Under foot and busy
Bright eyes and eager smile,
Pom Pom tail a waggin, a minute to the mile.
Heart full of sadness
Heart full of grief
Suddenly life seems ever so brief.
But this life was special...
so full and complete....
and boy did she ever love something to eat.
Love that was shared 
loved beginning to end
A final farewell to Bonnie my friend. 
May 11 1998 
© Janice Schaub
Bonnie was our 2nd poodle. First we got a silver poodle named Bonnie Prince Charlie. Charlie was raised in the country. Somehow he got out when we moved to town and was hit by a car. Later we got another poodle and named her Bonnie in his honour. Bonnie lived to be about 13 I think and was a very special girl. When she was hungry she would throw her heart shaped bowl at us.........
Bonnie was so beautiful we often called her Beaute
She acted in such funny ways we always thought so cute.

Bonnie and Buttons.
 photo db6ae142-134d-4881-bab4-a835d3e59e73_zps24832342.jpg

Bonnie again.

Let her soul take flight on Angels wings
To dwell among the stars
Free of pain and earthly things
That filled her last days down here.
Take her Oh Lord till we meet once more
When your great day will dawn
And loved ones meet again once more upon the distant shore.
©Janice Schaub 2010

Monday, November 17, 2014


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Poppett......poodle pal, constant companion of childhood days,
Followed me everywhere, through fields and byways.
Friend of mine on cold, cold nights
Cuddled snug in bed to ward of nightime frights
Long walks together on a sunny day, 
Looking for somewhere new to play.
She grew old as I grew up,
Life is all to short for a poodle pup.
I got married and moved away,
She was now too old to play.
My life was different, hers came to an end.
I will never forget my childhood friend.
Love lives forever and memories are true
Poppett was first and I will remember you.

©Janice Schaub.

Poppett, Petite Poppett. She was our first poodle. She was not the last. We had a wonderful friendship and we spent so much time together. She was bought at first for my mum I suppose but my mum didn't have the time that I did as a child. So it was natural that we became friends. I never noticed she was getting old. When she got tired she would ask to be picked up and I would carry her home. She was a small dog and we went for miles across the fields. She was really my first love when it came to having a pet. She slept in my bed. Dad would always take her out at night and then let her in with me. She would snuggle under the covers with me. The house was not heated so we would shiver together and hug the hot water bottle. She spoilt me for any other breed of dog. I have always loved poodles. I have four now. I won't ever forget any one of the ones who came before. 

Bethlehem......Glory.....two poems.

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Was Jesus born on Christmas day
In Bethlehem so far away?
Three Wise men led by a star
Brought wonderous gifts from afar
In a stable they found the child
Laying there so meek and mild.
They fell and worshiped Him their king
While heavens angels in glory sing.
Imagine what that small town saw
So much wonder and such awe
Our God came down from heaven to earth
To show mankind what they were worth.
He came to save us all from sin
So we could reconcile with Him.
So the lowley creatures sleep
The ox, the ass and the sheep.
Around His crib among the straw
The shepherds and Kings sleep on the floor
Mary glows with inner joy
So lovingly tends her baby boy.
Angels from the realms on high
Appear above the evening sky
What wonders came upon that eve
God is seeking who will believe
Bend your knees, accept your King
His Spirit comes to dwell within.
©Janice Schaub.......Nov 2014

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Glory be to God on High
Heaven and earth on Him rely.
To bring the harvest safe within,
All of nature comes to Him.
Angels worship Him above,
Mortals adore Him with their love.
All glory from the heavenly host
Praising Father Son and Holy Ghost.
Praise Him all who dwell below,
Upon whose gifts He does bestow.

©Janice Schaub Nov 2014