Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Closing The Door...............

When the first anniversary of the death of my Granddaughter Alex had passed, we felt like we could begin to move on. It was a difficult time for everyone, but especially for her Mother and her Dad, her sisters and us. She had been living with me on and off since she was 16. She was 21  when she died. Most people who follow my blogs know the story.  So the end of that first year, I wrote this poem.

 photo 3eee2ddf-6606-4b31-8048-df7de37651d4_zps063f1a84.jpg

We close the door on this old sad year
Where loss and death caused many a tear.
A new year awaits with promise and hope,
We need to move on and begin to cope.

While memories linger we will still look back
yet we can set our feet on a brand new track.
We will close the door and lean on it.
Shut out its shadows, a new candle is lit.

We will always love the ones who have gone,
We have to move forwards and begin to be strong
New dreams and new challenges lay up ahead.
We can not look forwards to the future with dread.

Yes, we miss her we know that much for sure
But now is the time to close up that door.,
Pick up the candle, hold it up high
move onwards and forwards  with eyes to the sky

©JKS 2012

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  1. Big Hugs Janice! This is so touching!! I can't even imagine, what you and your family have went through! Alex was a beautiful young lady ;o)