Thursday, July 31, 2014

Musing on a Summers Day................

 photo 7f9afc00-74f2-4f01-9cec-2530cf271f5d_zpsc071b5f9.jpg

Fluffy little clouds drift by
 Summer ends and the seasons fly.
 Cooler days are welcome now,
 At least by me, but not all somehow. 
I love the brisker days of Fall.
 Golden wheat is growing tall.
 Soon its time to cut the hay,
 To save towards the Winters day. 
Poppies grow in fields so red,
 Reminds me of our valient dead.
 Those who gave their lives in war,
 Believed that we would fight no more.
 But Kingdoms come and Kingdoms go,
 It will be forever so.
Like the seasons they rise and fall,
 Till they hear the Almighty's call.
 Tis then they fade in the mists of time.
 Following in the grand design.
 In my simple life I see,
 Things so much greater than me.
 He who sees the Sparrow fall,
 Is in command of it all.
God in His heaven we are blessed,
so not to worry about the rest.
JKS August 2014