Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Storm.................

 photo 2c3262e9-fe64-4456-ba21-9cabdd8bd92d_zpsec037d3f.jpg
The North wind is blowing wild 
shrieking like a wayward child.
 Branches fall and scatter snow. 
winds a tossing me where' er I go.
Banshees scream in the tree tops
primal fear down my spine hops.
Thunder cracks the worlds alight
Unnatural this, I flee in fright.
Buffeted battered by this storm
I pray to reach somewhere warm.
Snow whirls up into the air
Stings my cheeks without a care.
I pull my coat up around my face
Head down into the storm I race. 
Snow drives up and drags me back 
So thick now I barely leave a track.
Through the pounding snow I see
The glimmer of light shining for me
I push against the wind once more
Reaching out to grab the door
Inside now I warm my face
Glad to be in a safer place'
Outside the storm batters on
But I am safe now till its gone.