Monday, November 17, 2014

Bethlehem......Glory.....two poems.

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Was Jesus born on Christmas day
In Bethlehem so far away?
Three Wise men led by a star
Brought wonderous gifts from afar
In a stable they found the child
Laying there so meek and mild.
They fell and worshiped Him their king
While heavens angels in glory sing.
Imagine what that small town saw
So much wonder and such awe
Our God came down from heaven to earth
To show mankind what they were worth.
He came to save us all from sin
So we could reconcile with Him.
So the lowley creatures sleep
The ox, the ass and the sheep.
Around His crib among the straw
The shepherds and Kings sleep on the floor
Mary glows with inner joy
So lovingly tends her baby boy.
Angels from the realms on high
Appear above the evening sky
What wonders came upon that eve
God is seeking who will believe
Bend your knees, accept your King
His Spirit comes to dwell within.
©Janice Schaub.......Nov 2014

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Glory be to God on High
Heaven and earth on Him rely.
To bring the harvest safe within,
All of nature comes to Him.
Angels worship Him above,
Mortals adore Him with their love.
All glory from the heavenly host
Praising Father Son and Holy Ghost.
Praise Him all who dwell below,
Upon whose gifts He does bestow.

©Janice Schaub Nov 2014

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