Saturday, November 22, 2014


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There's an empty space right there....
Right there where you should be.
Yes...that spot there right beside my knee.
Under foot and busy
Bright eyes and eager smile,
Pom Pom tail a waggin, a minute to the mile.
Heart full of sadness
Heart full of grief
Suddenly life seems ever so brief.
But this life was special...
so full and complete....
and boy did she ever love something to eat.
Love that was shared 
loved beginning to end
A final farewell to Bonnie my friend. 
May 11 1998 
© Janice Schaub
Bonnie was our 2nd poodle. First we got a silver poodle named Bonnie Prince Charlie. Charlie was raised in the country. Somehow he got out when we moved to town and was hit by a car. Later we got another poodle and named her Bonnie in his honour. Bonnie lived to be about 13 I think and was a very special girl. When she was hungry she would throw her heart shaped bowl at us.........
Bonnie was so beautiful we often called her Beaute
She acted in such funny ways we always thought so cute.

Bonnie and Buttons.
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Bonnie again.

Let her soul take flight on Angels wings
To dwell among the stars
Free of pain and earthly things
That filled her last days down here.
Take her Oh Lord till we meet once more
When your great day will dawn
And loved ones meet again once more upon the distant shore.
©Janice Schaub 2010

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