Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful Bunny............

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Beautiful Bunny
My beautiful bunny with brown velvet eyes,
Now lays in my garden under Autumn skys.
Such a wonderful life, so full and so fun,
Now rests forever, her time here is done.
The pleasure she gave us in her short life time
Was unselfish and pure and enriching to mine.
I am glad that I knew her and her sister too
Baby and BoBo I loved both of you.
 ©janice schaub

I thought I heard my BoBo tonight
I heard a soft thump upon the floor
I thought I would go and see her looking up at me
But she was not there for me to see.
She is gone her soul took flight
To scamper across heavenly fields and moor.
No longer a pet of mine you see
She is free as she was meant to be.
©Janice Schaub

When I had my horse Lady out at Golden Valley, Bill decided to get a couple of rabbits to breed. He thought he would raise them for meat. Well when the babies came my friend Mary and I took two each. Mine named Baby and Bobo. He never did raise rabbits for food. We litter trained them and they lived in the house the first year. That is until they started chewing wires. At that time we had an entrance off the deck. We also had Walter Pigeon. The rabbits lived in the porch and had access to the deck. They have a great life. Maybe some day I will get rabbits again, for Tristen.


  1. This is so touching Janice! I loved the story about the rabbits and I love the poems!

  2. So touching and expressive. Love it.