Monday, November 17, 2014


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Poppett......poodle pal, constant companion of childhood days,
Followed me everywhere, through fields and byways.
Friend of mine on cold, cold nights
Cuddled snug in bed to ward of nightime frights
Long walks together on a sunny day, 
Looking for somewhere new to play.
She grew old as I grew up,
Life is all to short for a poodle pup.
I got married and moved away,
She was now too old to play.
My life was different, hers came to an end.
I will never forget my childhood friend.
Love lives forever and memories are true
Poppett was first and I will remember you.

©Janice Schaub.

Poppett, Petite Poppett. She was our first poodle. She was not the last. We had a wonderful friendship and we spent so much time together. She was bought at first for my mum I suppose but my mum didn't have the time that I did as a child. So it was natural that we became friends. I never noticed she was getting old. When she got tired she would ask to be picked up and I would carry her home. She was a small dog and we went for miles across the fields. She was really my first love when it came to having a pet. She slept in my bed. Dad would always take her out at night and then let her in with me. She would snuggle under the covers with me. The house was not heated so we would shiver together and hug the hot water bottle. She spoilt me for any other breed of dog. I have always loved poodles. I have four now. I won't ever forget any one of the ones who came before. 

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  1. I love the photo Janice! Your memories are so precious!