Thursday, October 2, 2014


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Muslim, Christian and the Jew
One God we worship.......Cousins true.
We may follow a different Lord?
But the One true God is adored.
The way is true, the path is love.
We all seek guidence from above.
Some have strayed from this clear path
Al-Quaida is the way of wrath.
The devil temps us all you see?
All this hate fills him with glee.
He rules this world till the good Lord come,
Till our time on earth is done.
For now, we must not let him win,
with hope filled hearts we must begin.
To live and love and work together,
So that we can live forever,
In this world and in the next,
Then we'll have that devil vexed.
Cousins all and cousins one
we must win this fight begun.
Fight the hatred with true love
Make the world like Heaven above.
 ©Janice Schaub 2005

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