Saturday, November 22, 2014


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I just heard Bonnie calling you
Calling you on home.
But I don't want to let you go
to leave me all alone.
I know your life with me is done,
too soon your time to go.
Years are always way to short
and I can't let you go.
You are my special preciouse one
So full of joy and love.
I need for you to stay here more
Before you go "above".
The years all pass so quickly now
Where is that frisky pup?.
So old, infirm and full of pain
But yet you don't give up.
There's still a shadow left inside
of that loving giving friend.
That I just can not let you go
It can not be the end.
Please stay with me a few more years
A few more months or days.
I just can't bear to see you go
I will miss your loving ways.
I know I'm being selfish now
So hard to let you go.
I don't want you to be in pain
Because I love you so.
I know the Lord has a special place
For little dogs like you.
I will miss your funny face
My lovely gentle poo.
Maybe another pup will come
Someone to fill the space,
Beside me to love me as you have done
But I will always see your face.
Behind her frisky puppy play
your memory will hold true.
Along with those who went before
But.....never one like you.
January 2005 ©Janice Schaub
Goodbye Buttons
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So Gentle soul ....too soon depart.
I miss you so broke my heart.
Sweet sweet kisses rein down on me
We said goodbye and I set you free.
Free from pain and earthy woe,
But how I suffer to see you go.
My tears now fall where you once lay,
I know I miss you more each day.
Where are you now my precious one?
Somewhere nice?......In meadows run?
Somewhere waiting just for me.
Somewhere now forever free.
All made over whole and new
With Bonnie, Charlie and Poppett too.
Thank you Buttons for 14years of unconditional love.
February 1st 2005
©Janice Schaub

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  1. Beautiful Janice! So beautiful and touching! Hugs ;o)