Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Light of My Life..........

 photo 17e7d9c6-3be3-40ce-a615-7c131ccb4691_zpsecd0426b.jpg
I really am not into religious art and so it was a job to find some pictures that I wanted to portray this poem. I wrote it a long time ago, but it still expresses how I feel and is how I get through my day. So I found a couple of pictures to share. The first one is what I feel about Jesus existence. I do not really think of Heaven as a place above the clouds but as another spiritual existence that I can not even conceive of. Oh I believe its real alright. If God knew us before the founding of the world as the Bible tells us, then maybe we came from "heaven" and will return once we complete this life. I do not pretend to know. It doesn't matter to me either. I know that its a good place and all sorrows are gone. I believe that my family who accept Christ will be there. I believe those who do not go somewhere else. Maybe they get sent back here, bummer!!! That is not something I dwell on. Jesus said to accept Him as a child trusts their parents, in innocence. I can do that. I know that He works in my life. I see it all the time. I am not a lovey dovey person or one who prays as much as I should. I find myself at a loss for words most of the time. I do know this, He loves me anyway, He knows who I am and what I am. I fully expect to be ashamed when I stand before God, unworthy and yet accepted because of what Jesus did for me. The ruler and maker of all things cares about me. I can not grasp that, or explain it. I can not understand a lot of things, but nothing......nothing will shake that faith. I claim Job as my mentor and inspiration. I look at how he suffered and can not ever understand how strong he was. I pray God never tests me that way. So this first picture for me is Jesus as ruler of the universe..............
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Jesus is the light in my life
He carries me through my troubles and strife.
I lean on Him in times of stress
He always makes my burdens less.
I gave Him my heart and He saved my soul.
He forgave my sin, and made me whole.
He gives me hope. He makes me strong.
His Spirit dwells in me my whole life long.
My hope for tomorrow and eternity too
He is ever faithful and His love is true.
Without Him I am nothing, my life incomplete
With Him I am strong, even death I defeat.

 photo c6bc5aa3-83d4-4aa5-a6ff-7fb2f556cae4_zpsbed12ea1.jpg
The second picture is how Jesus makes me feel. Safe and loved as no human love could ever compare to. I don't normally like to see pictures of Jesus, it doesn't seem right to me somehow. Just a personal thing for me........but I love the feeling shown in this picture.  photo ff147f7c-cc70-4e5d-91d5-0a500fe03f47_zpsaf9739da.jpg


  1. Beautiful Janice! Very beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, Janice! I get tears in my eyes looking at the last photo as He is holding us close.