Tuesday, February 18, 2014

March Winds...................

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Blustery days of March begins
Clearing out the old dead things.
Old broken branches crash to the ground,
making such a terrible sound.
Gusts blast through to clean the land
Swept by God's almighty hand. 
The hedgerows need a clean out too
To make a way for all things new.
Soon the birds will start to nest,
They will need a place to rest.
Fields shall get a windy blast,
So that Spring can come at last.

March winds bring the cleaning showers
To make way for the pretty flowers
God will send each thing we need
Winds and rain will quicken seed
The trees will soon begin to bloom
Once the winds have made them room.
Howling winds and storm filled ways 
Give way soon to sun filled days.

©Janice Kay Schaub 2012

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