Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Quiet Walk..........

I am still working on this poem. I started it a long time ago and have not quite worked it out. Writing it down like this helps me to see what it looks like.
 photo cc9a3cf2-551e-44a4-9375-05a764b94d78_zps068f8b6f.jpg

A quiet walk on a well worn path
Through  woodlands lush and green.
Creatures bustle with their daily tasks
The only life to be seen.

My footsteps fall on velvet moss
bringing the scent of long dead trees
Filling my lungs with the smell of decay
as a falling leaf drifts on the breeze.

Life in the forest is renewed again
With each new seed that falls
Sustaining life of all who dwell
and every beast that crawls.

A cycle of life as old as time
I notice where ever I walk
I love the silence of ancient woodlands
with only the birds sweet talk.

A longing for silence is deep inside
I relish this time of peace
Beautiful air fragrant and rich
It's my favourite way of release. 
©Janice Schaub 2014

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