Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A new day...............

 photo fcbb2e03-40cd-4a4b-a04e-1f336fabb327_zpsce8ac104.jpg

A watery sun in a sullen sky
grey mists swirl and drift on by.
Small birds huddle against the cold
As old man Winter increases his hold.
Soon Jack Frost will paint window panes
Hoare frost glitters on trees in the lanes.
Long Winter evenings so frosty and bright
With stars that glisten in the still of the night.
Clear crystal skies and crisp cold air
Where trees sit like skeletons all sad and bare.
Sleep now till the sun regains his powers
Sleep on till Spring brings us back the flowers.
Church bells peel out to bring in the dawn,
Brilliant sunrise heralds the morn.
Sure as the day is followed by night
All will awaken all fresh and bright.
A new year begins as the old fades away
Springtime will come in like a brilliant new day.

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