Saturday, February 8, 2014

Old Blue.......

This is an old poem I wrote for a friend. They had two German Shepherd dogs, Beau and Blue. Beautiful dogs.  I wrote this after Blue had died, the second of the two.
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He heard old Beau a calling him
On summer breezes strong.
Come home my good old brother
come home and don't be long.

I miss you Blue, I need you here
to play with me and run,
In all these great new places
your time down there is done.

I want to Beau, I surely do
but they need me here right now.
Two young pups to train and guide
and time just won't allow.

His brothers voice came yet again
on Spring time breezes pure.
He saw his face in blue blue skies
and now he was more sure.

But what if they are all too sad
when I give up my post?.
How can I leave them in such pain
when they need me now the most?.

The heart will heal dear brother Blue,
New friends will come their way.
There are other dogs who need their love
and they deserve their day.

Ok Old Beau I will follow you
In heavenly fields we'll roam.
We'll frolic and play in our special way
at last in our heavenly home.

Don't be sad that I am gone, I am with my brother true.
we are young and strong and full of fun
doing things we love to do. We run and play
and chase all day, in meadows full of sun.

When time has past and so at last, you also come on home.
We'll be right there a waiting you, just like we always do.
with waggin tails and sloppy smiles.......
Old Beau and brother Blue.
©Janice Schaub 2008 (approx) Linking up and sharing with Cottage Style Party

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  1. Janice, this is so special! You made me cry! Very beautiful!