Monday, September 1, 2014


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Painting by Camille Pissarro
Rich fields of wheat bow down to the sun.
Golden and ripe the harvest has begun.
The drone of bees as they work, then drift on past.
Soft and gentle breezes caress me as I dream in the grass.
Clouds float on by and the heat seems to hum.
Lazy hazy days with the hope of more to come.
The poppies are brilliant in the corn fields,
The Harvest mice gather whatever it yields.
She builds her nest on stalks of wheat
Always busy, her family's so sweet.
They live there all summer and her family grows
Along with rabbits, birds and the crows.
They live among the fields of grain,
 sheltered from the summer rain.
See the moon with her golden glow
Now is the time to reap not sow.
Her moonlight illuminates the scene
Of people gathered on the green.
To get this harvest in the barns
Help is needed on the farms.
The sheaves all stacked now in neet rows
Loose seeds will be gathered by the crows
People soon will glean the fields,
Taking every scrap that the land will yield.
Seasons change and work is done
As it always has in centuries gone.
The harvest is in and we give God the praise
For these wonderful blessings as we end harvest days.
©Janice Kay Schaub.... September 2014

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  1. I love this one Janice!!! You are a brilliant writer!