Friday, August 29, 2014

Blustery Days.............

 photo 98849bdc-7bdf-4b71-87de-5b08a9175e51_zps1ecde34b.jpg
Blustery days as Autumn starts
Reviving again our sun baked hearts.
Gone the dog days hot as steam,
Brings in the cool all crisp and clean.
Shakes off the leaves all dried out from heat
making them crunchy under feet.
Now the colours a brightness brings
With milder sun and Autumn things.
Apple Cider, crunchy pears
Hayrides, pumpkins and farm fairs.
Pleasant walks in fields and woods
Taking home natures goods.
Acorns, Beech nuts the squirrels treats
Stored for winter as Fall retreats 
Soon the long cold winters here
With harsh conditions for the deer.
Meanwhile we can still impart
The joys of Autumn that's in our hearts.
©Janice K Schaub Sept 2012

1 comment:

  1. This one makes me happy ;o) Bring on Autumn ;o) Today, we are getting a heat wave! Crazy!