Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn Days, revised...............

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Autumn leaves all Russet and gold 
Winters breath blows in so cold. 
Puffy clouds float in blue sky
 Leaves of all colours pile up high.
 sunny days are crisp and cool
 replacing the heat beside the pool.
 Walks in woodlands now become
 A pleasure for most everyone.
 Birds and beast all do prepare
 for what comes very soon to their
 woodland homes and places of rest. 
The birds prepare their winters nest.
 The black bear prepares her winters home
 to sleep till Springtime can once more come.
 Returns again and life renews
 and the forests wear much different hews
. life again will be fresh and young
 springtimes here for everyone.
 Not for awhile though first comes the Fall
 Nature hears the distant call.
 The birds begin to migrate soon 
Drawn to leave before the icy moon.
 Leaves of purple drift on down
 to join their brothers on the ground.
©Janice K Schaub
This is an older one you will see at the beginning of this blog, I just added a couple of lines to it.

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