Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mystic Horses......................

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Mystic Horses

Mystic horses with rainbows run
Her golden horn that shines in the sun.
She hides from humans watchful eye,
The very last refuse to die.
They dwell in secret hidden glen
Remnants of a time when,
Eden was right here on earth.
Eden now awaits  rebirth.
Creatures with such beauty dwell
In places mankind can not tell
She hides her beauty from human sight
She glides on stardust in the night.
In secret glades among the trees
She folds her wings and bends her knees.
She sleeps on fragrant mossy bed
The ferns will hide her sleepy head.
When misty morning sun arise
She once more takes off to the skys
She drifts above the fluffy cloud
Vapour surrounds her like a shroud.
If you should catch her unaware
You would have to stop and stare.
You would have to believe it's a dream
Creatures like her have never been seen
Since that first perfect garden, from dust arose,
That's gone forever, everyone knows.
........but that beautiful horse forever flys
with magical mystery through the skys.

©Janice Kay Schaub  ......  May 2012

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