Friday, August 29, 2014

A Chill is in the Air..............

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A perfect chill is in the air.
A perfect chill but don't despair.
The sun still shines the sky is clear.
Even though old Winter's near.
Autumn's upon us, the flowers fade.
Soon brilliant colours will be made.
As frost upon the leaves will turn
to glorious colours of gold and auburn.
Scarlet hues on the Maples glow,
Orange and yellow and lime all flow
in wonderful medlies that change every day.
The farm hands have already brought in the hay.
They stock up for the time that nothing grows
To feed their animals when it snows.
So enjoy these beautiful Autumn days
Watch the deer and rabbits graze.
Bear fills her tummy and stores up fat
There wont be a lot more time for that.
She too feels the change in the air
Squirrels are hiding their food with care.
Today we enjoy these last precious days
Quietly sitting in the suns warming rays
Winter can wait, his turn will come
For now we enjoy the last days of sun.
©Janice Kay Schaub August 2014

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