Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Depression hurts..............

I am not a fan of Robin Williams, he got on my nerves. He could never behave normal and that irritated me no end. Nevertheless, he was a genius and maybe that is why he could never "come down" from that comedic role. As a man he was generous and kind apparently and I admire that in anyone. I am sad that once again depression has taken someone way before their time. I am very sorry for his loss. (picture from Facebook, artist signed)
 photo 1c30424a-3cbc-426b-85c9-23a378b51d04_zps4d1ab499.jpg
Sadness like a cancer grows
How others feel no one knows.
They dwell inside a darkened shell
Hoping they can break the spell.
Their faces always wear a grin.
It's not a sign of what's within.
Inside they just want to sleep
Inside their pain is buried deep.
Inside them lies a deep despair
The time will come they cease to care.
Depression is a deadly foe.
A pain that only they can know.
for Robin Williams 2014
Janice Kay Schaub.

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  1. So true, so very true!!!
    My mom didn't care for Robin Williams either, but he was brilliant at what he did and they do say, he did a lot for homeless people and the charity, Doctors without borders and many other things.
    His death really hit me, because I have been going through so much this year! (as you know) I am thankful, I'm not keeping things in! My mom is kicking my butt! LOL!