Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No! Not here.........

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He was a personable man in middle years
whose death brought many of us to tears.
We may not have known him in a personal way,
Yet often we would see him from day to day.
Just doing his job, his duty so clear,
Giving us safety and nothing to fear.
We take so much for granted as we each live out our life,
That other brave men will deal with the strife.
It should never have happened, certainly not here.
Not here in THIS town that we all hold so dear.
We need to wake up and heed this clear call,
Before it's too late and another should fall.
Keep out all those people who peddle in hate
Tell them  to leave before its too late.
Help those who need more love and more care
Don't turn your back, you know they are there.
Let us remember our fallen friend
and try to be careful of the message we send.
Thank and respect the men of the law.
Pray for them now like never before.
Maybe then with God's guiding grace,
We can keep our town a wonderful place.
©Janice Schaub 

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