Friday, March 7, 2014

Frieda's Cat.............

 photo 56dc026b-9a6f-46e6-963b-2454b1d2c2fd_zps93e3bf24.jpg
Frieda's cat lays by the door
Slitted eye and folded paw.
Content in sunbeam.......the world goes by
Not really sleeping she is ever so sly.
Birds and squirrels go on their way
Beware other cats in her territory stray.
Squirrels gather nuts in May
They visit my feeders every day.
Agile climbers, acrobat
Runs up the tree to watch the cat.
Cat stretches out her deadly paw
and yawns real wide then sharpens claw.
She limbers up but lays back down,
turns her back and casts a frown.
Squirrel thinks he's safe for now
so goes back up to get more chow.
Cat can get her food at home
so the squirrels and birds are safe to roam.
At least today old cat don't care
so make the most, this time is rare.
Sleeping in sunbeams ........dozing in the sun
She can't be bothered to get up and run.
The birds are happy for this reprieve
The squirrel sighs and is much relieved.
Everyone can sigh a sigh of relief
Even if its ever so brief.
While Frieda's cat lays by the door
With slitted eye and folded paw.

©Janice Kay Schaub 2011

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