Sunday, March 2, 2014


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If we were all of one race
One colour and one creed
This world will be a boring place,
Boring, yes indeed.

Diversity can be a blessing
If we keep an open mind
We need it........and I am guessing
It would work if we were kind.

Imagine if you would......a world that's free of hate
People of all colours live with harmony and grace,
We have to love each other before it gets too late.
We need to be as one, within the human race.

All of us should all do our stop the hate and strife
And make the world around us just  a little less unkind
Put aside our prejudice, and respect each human life.
Maybe then we can help........change another person's mind.

If we show compassion and give aid to those in need
No matter what their religion or the shade of their skin
Put aside our own hard feelings, then I can only plead
That we give love a chance and maybe we can win. 

Its not so hard to do if you think beyond your self
everyone is the same beneath the outer skin
They love and work and dream just like your own good self
we need to win the heart, of that person who's within
©Janice Schaub

I am not happy with this one yet. I will be revising it as time goes on. I am putting it down for now and will work on it. I want to keep the idea but I don't like the way it rhymes it does not flow well. I need some better words.

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  1. Janice, I thought this poem was so well written! Very touching and your words are so right!